Joerg Keuper

Back in Balance Nutrition & Fitness co-funder, Fit-for-Life™ head coach, Teacher for Sport Rehab and Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer

Joerg Keuper is a certified personal trainer (CPT), sport rehabilitation and fitness instructor coming directly from the European market. Joerg spent his career in Germany as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and sport-rehabilitation teacher. His experience includes decades of working with every type of client ranging from beginners, professional athletes, and bodybuilders, to rehabilitation and post-surgery clients.

Having versatile experience in multiple fields, he is recognized as a true expert working with every type of client. An unusually broad spectrum of methods combined with over 35 years of experience warrants results for his clients that last a lifetime.

Joerg is determined to equip you with the tools you need for lifelong success. With an efficient workout tailored to your unique needs, you’ll never waste another minute doing the wrong workout. After working with Joerg, you’ll be able to walk into any gym with confidence knowing you’re doing the right thing!

” Jeorg was a Personal Training and Massage Sports Therapist with the USAG Rheinland-Pfalz Sports and Fitness Branch at the Landstuhl Fitness Center in Landstuhl Germany. Joerg’s expertise has transformed the bodies and minds of clients at our establishment for well over two decades. He challenged his clients to give their greatest efforts while motivating them to reach all their fitness and wellness goals. Joerg has been a complete and valuable benefit in making our Sports and Fitness programs better for all those involved. He helped me achieve the goal I set for my 50th Birthday trip to Greece. His program helped me to achieve my desired physique within a three-month time frame! ”

When you train with Joerg, you’ll learn the proper form, technique, and exercises for your body type so that you can become fit for life.

” Coach Joerg is an amazing coach. He is full of knowledge when it comes to physical therapy and overall fitness. He goes into detail on how to do the workout movements correctly, so I always felt confident when I would go to the gym alone. He taught me so much of what I know now. You won’t regret having him as a coach! 20/10 🙂 ”

Joerg’s private sessions are customized for each person’s individual goals and needs. Please book a complimentary consultation to discuss the best personal training options for you.

”If you want to feel fitter, stronger, and look better than ever before, I’m here to change your life. I guarantee you’ll never feel better!”
Joerg Keuper

Private personal training programs include:
Customized plan specific to your goals Full fitness assessment Instruction of proper technique & form Injury prevention & resolution Recommendations for workouts between sessions Support & motivation to help you reach your goals

” I was a long-term client/friend of Joerg, and I can’t speak highly enough of him – he gets results. Joerg takes the time to understand your needs and tailors his approach accordingly. I found him passionate and willing to go the extra mile, which made sessions hard work but fun. Joerg takes a holistic approach that looks at all aspects, including exercise, food, and daily routine. I highly recommend training with Joerg to anyone who is looking to get fitter, stronger and healthier.” He has done right by me, friends first coach/Trainer second. I can’t recommend Joerg enough as a coach and a person who will always have your best interest in mind. ”

FYI: Bobby Windley, W.a.b.b.a international German bodybuilding champion, 2X W.a.b.b.a/ W.P.f European champion, Runner-up N.a.b.b.a World champion, W.P.F World Champion.