” When I moved to Germany with my family, I was a new mom to 6-month-old twin girls, did not speak the language, and felt completely alone. I was lost, not just because of the location but because when I looked in the mirror, I no longer recognized the woman I saw. I was lucky enough to meet Joerg and am so thankful that I did. Joerg, wasn’t just my personal trainer he became a friend and someone I trusted. As an American in Germany, Joerg recognized my struggles and fears inside and outside of the gym. He was always willing to make accommodations to the exercises for me based on my abilities and knew when I was capable of pushing through. Joerg never allowed me to give up on myself and his complete dedication to my wellbeing and goal achievement was both inspiring and comforting. With his tough love and honest approach, Joerg not only gave me my body back but he restored my confidence and for that I will always be grateful. I recommend Joerg to any and every man or woman that wants to start their fitness journey but is being held back by self-doubt and fear. Putting yourself out there is difficult but with Joerg’s help the journey will most definitely be worth it! ”